blache medical is known for its drive for innovation. This drive expands across the entire company, including research and development in medical device industry. With their know-how, the experts at blache medical have been sought-after partners for many years. These partnerships are future driven because they invest in medical progress.

New Research Project
Currently, the medical technology specialist is working on an exciting, easily applied research project in cooperation with BAT-Solutions GmbH, a young agile company with engineers, IT experts and scientists. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.

Solving Everyday Problems
The Plate-Cracker is a new medical instrument for adapting bone plates (fixation) to the patient and cutting them accordingly. This procedure is performed with little effort and ensures a clean, straight cut without burrs or sharp edges. This is a complete in-house development by blache medical – from the idea to series production. The company is also in charge of further production. “With the Plate-Cracker, we can solve a problem in everyday clinical practice that has been inadequately solved up until now,” says Chief Operating Officer Marc Mundhenke.

Market Launch Planned for 2025
The specialists at blache medical have recognized the challenges and potential of this product as a result of their many years of experience and working closely with their customers. Currently, the project is in the middle of the development phase. It is expected that the Plate-Cracker will have the necessary approvals and be launched on the market in 2025.