The term “milestone” is sometimes misused – but for blache medical that’s exactly what it was. The company made history when it moved into a new building in the industrial park of Wellendingen. This big move marks the beginning of a new era for our state-of-the-art company. The building offers great conditions for administration and engineering and allows for more space when it comes to the production side of the business. We now enjoy 1800 square meters of production space. Meanwhile, the processes at the new location are in full swing, “we have arrived,” says CEO Sven Blache happily.

Many products, selection, and service
At the big inauguration ceremony, many of the visitors were amazed at the product diversity and the service portfolio. More than 100 invited guests – business partners, surgeons, representatives from politics and business, and friends – joined the blache medical team in celebrating the new era. Sven Blache congratulated the teamwork shown by the employees and their unwavering commitment. Without their committed attitude, innovative spirit, enthusiasm and creativity, this great move into our new era would have been impossible.

Room for vision
Here at our new location, the exciting journey that began in 2005 with the founding of blache medical can now grow and expand. Sven Blache and his team can turn their visions into reality. Projects before only dreamed about can launch forward in real time. Further growth and expansion can now take place without hinderance or question. Here, new chapters will be written in the company’s successful history.

Strong regional employer
Mayor Thomas Albrecht supported blache medical’s big move and new start. He recognized blache medical as being an asset to the region in being a high-tech, innovative company which strengthens its community. blache medical’s products contribute to progress in the medical world as well as to people’s health and quality of life. As a sign of the long partnership, Mayor Thomas Albrecht and CEO Sven Blache planted a tree that – like the company – will dig its roots down deep at the new location.